Monday, April 19, 2010

Post 8

Good Evening White Stoners!!!

Had a great meeting with Eric and Gary tonight! Came up with the first 15 songs for the first show! What a blessing to work on White Stone everyday!

I can't wait to share His word with everyone! Man, what a HIGH! a MOST HIGH!!!

Would love to share the list with you all...but that would ruin ALL the surprise! WEEEEeeeee!!!!1

I love you all! God Bless!!!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post 7

You know...God is working in us all of the time. It really doesn't matter the time of day, what day of the week, or what you are doing. God continually is within us all..always! This is a good thing, as it keeps all of His children in check - you know, making sure you are staying on the right path - His path. We are ALL really chosen, if you really think about it.

Today, Stephen has left White Stone. God is working in him right now - and His timing isn't now. At least not in the White Stone direction. He will be missed.

But White Stone marches on. To the beat of the same drummer. =)

White Stoners - please pray for me and the band today. Help Him guide us in the right direction. =)

I'm off for now - going to church. Today, the Lord has blessed me! I am playing in the worship band at Mark's church! I'm really not familiar with the five songs that I will be playing, but He is with me. So I have no worries!

God Bless you, White Stoners!

I love you all.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post 6

Greetings White Stoners!

I love you all!

A little update on whats going on in our world today.

Met Josh, Derek, and Mark for breakfast this morning. Felt really good talkin God and His Son with them for several hours. Talked a little about the WS vision as well...looking for our God to do great things for us. Opening doors for us to walk through every day! He is so INCREDIBLE! You've NEVER lived until you've lived by FAITH!

Tomorrow, going to church with Josh and the boys. Can't wait to go to His house for a visit.

WS has practice Monday night. Promising all of you that we will take good pics this time, and post them on the fan page (Facebook).

Love you all!

God Bless!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are the Body of Christ!

God just wants us to worship Him. That way we can be transformed daily by His supernatural spirit. Plus, that will enable us to walk in power and hear His voice! White Stone is about worship. White Stone is about loving people into their true identity as the children of God by their faith in Jesus, God's first begotten son. Things are going to change in this world because the members of White Stone are going to prefer God and because the Body of Christ is becoming active all over the United States and the globe!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post 4

Evening all! Much Love and blessings to you all!

Overall - a very good practice tonight, considering it was our first! Pics didn't come out. Sorry...

We will be getting back together Saturday morning! Pics then~! Promise!

Brian is uploading some of our practice video from tonight, though! Feedback!!!

Love you!


Post 3


Tonight's the first practice for WS. Can't wait to see and hear what the Lord has in store for us! God is so good!

Before practice, we will be taking photos, so look for updated band pictures later.

OK - so now, here we go with YOUR White there any particular song that you like? Let us know. We might be able to add it to our first show. (More on THAT to come!)

I would also like for you to check out another band that is friends of ours...they are called First Flight Out. You can find them at

Give them a listen, I think you'll really dig what they are doing for our Lord.

Until later (and I mean LATE) tonight - peace and love to you all!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post 2

Good Afternoon!

Lot's of stuff going on here at White Stone!

The White Stone band is now complete (we think!).

The lineup is now...

Gary Stirnemann
Eric Rochelle
Stephen Buise
Biff Poindexter
Todd Looper

Today I went to the Trade Center to look around. Think we are gonna rent a room there to start out. Got one of the rooms in mind.

Setting up a meeting with the band for Wednesday night. Gotta start practicing! Shouldn't take long...we are all in love with the Lord, and he will make things so easy for us!

More to come!

I love you.